Reading Time: < 1 minute Animals are sentient individuals -who don't want to be killed
Reading Time: < 1 minute

One of the biggest marketing tools when it comes to meat is the ‘humanely slaughtered’ label.

But what does this mean? Vegan activists have often asked how it is possible to kill an animal who doesn’t want to die.

In this exclusive Plant Based News video, PBN Co-founder Robbie Lockie talks to some leading minds and voices in the Animal Rights Movement. He asks this simple question – how do we debunk the humane hoax?

A huge issue

According to Miyoko’s Kitchen Founder Miyokko Schinner: “The so-called humane hoax – or myth – is a huge issue right now. [Where I live] is almost the origin of the whole humane hoax.

“I live in Marin County and I’m surrounded by organic cattle and all sorts of producers of meat. And they call it ‘producing’ meat. I was really horrified when I saw a movie recently where one of the producers said ‘we’ve raised our animals and given them the best life possible. Now I get to decide whether they live or die. I get to decide what happens to their life.

“There’s no way you can justify what you eat by saying [the animal] had a good life, but now it’s ended.”

You can watch the full video on YouTube here

Maria Chiorando

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