Washington Lineman Trent Williams Watches What The Health: Goes Plant-Based


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Williams in action playing for Washington (Photo: Keith Allison) - Media Credit:

A 320 pound football player has dropped all animal products from his diet after watching vegan documentary What the Health.

Trent Williams, who plays for Washington, is also trying to encourage his teammates to drop the meat and dairy.

Arie Kouandijo has adopted a plant-based diet and Isaiah Williams has embraced pescatarianism since watching the movie. Defensive lineman David Carter was already vegan, as was quarterback Colin Kaepernick.


According to Williams, the documentary helped him to better understand the link between diet and disease.

Williams, who has been considered to be one of the NFL’s best offensive lines over the past two seasons, said: “I’m bettering my life. I ain’t ******* with that animal product no more.”

Learning from the film about how humans are the only species to consume other species’ breast milk, as well as cook meat, changed his outlook completely when it comes to diet.

Weighty concern

Linemen generally try to maintain a weight of over 300lb – which requires a large intake of food. Earlier in the year tight end Jason Reed tried eating plant-based, but found his weight dropped too quickly.

Williams has stated that this is an issue: and he plans to keep an eye on his weight as he trains. He wants to retain his plant-based diet, but will assess how his body is retaining weight.

Fortunately, as players like Carter have already proved, it is possible to perform and maintain a playing weight without consuming animal products.


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