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investigation was launched this week after a video showing an ‘abused’ pony being
dragged along a road in Clonmel, Ireland surfaced on social media.


The video –
taken by witness Aneta Kopec – shows a Shetland pony collapsed on a roadside,
while still attached to a cart.

long, one young man attempts to drag the apparently exhausted or ill animal
across the pavement, while another yanks at the pony’s tail.


Kopec – who
says the pair also threw stones at her while her baby was in the car –
became increasingly distressed.

She shouted: “What are you doing to this horse? 

“How can you do that?”


The Irish
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) is now working with
local police to investigate the incident.

An ISPCA representative
“It is not acceptable that any animal is pushed to the point of

A statement
on The Tipperary Garda information page said law enforcement has made ‘significant
progress into the investigation’ of the ‘animal cruelty’ that occurred.

included was a call to the public for any further information on the incident.