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An eye-opening story on the devastating effects of climate change has been created by New Frontier Pictures.

Sleepless/ Repeat Until Death – a double music-video produced by Sean Lin – tells the story of a Mongolian miner who takes his sick daughter away from the heavily polluted city to see the shaman.

“Upon finding a new home with the reindeer herders in the forest, he learns that this world too is changing,” the description reads.

Director and Filmmakers Sil van der Woerd and Jorik Dozy have spoken about Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, which has been named the world’s most polluted capital, on their website, which has inspired the storyline.″><

Dangerous air pollution

“Every winter, as many as 220,000 households burn coal to stay warm. When families can’t afford coal they sometimes burn tires and other scraps,” Woerd states.

“Air pollution, or ‘smoke’ as the residents call it, often reaches several times that of Beijing or Delhi and can go up to 133 times the level the World Health Organization (WHO) deems safe.”

‘Thousands of children fall sick’

Woerd adds: “The hospitals are packed every winter, as thousands of children fall sick.”

Respiratory infections have increased at a rate of 270 percent over the last 10 years and children living in the city have a 40 percent lower lung function than those living in rural areas, according to Unicef.”

The video, which has received over 630,000 views on YouTube has been commended for being ‘inspirational and truly emotional’ and has motivated people to become more environmentally aware.

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