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Veganuary adverts have been removed from buses in Shrewsbury and Telford – sparking outrage amongst vegans. 

The ads, which encouraged the public to ‘try vegan this January’ were placed on 20 Arriva buses in the Shropshire area – funded by the Shropshire Veggies and Vegans group.

Back in January this year, a senior councilor in the area dubbed Veganuary ads as a way of promoting ‘fake news of vegangalists’. 

However, Arriva denied recent claims that the new ads were removed because of the content – adding that the group would be fully reimbursed for the cost of the ad. 

‘Not offensive’

Local resident Helana Ride said to Plant Based News: “The adverts wording is not offensive, the images are not gruesome, but it would appear that the truth hurts and that Arriva has bowed down to complaints and removed the Veganuary campaign from their buses. 

“We live in rural Shropshire where support for farming and hunting is high. It’s exactly the sort of area that needs exposure to a different point of view.”


According to the Shropshire Star, a spokesperson for Arriva said:”Advertising on our buses is managed by a third-party company where an approval process is in place. 

“A recent customer complaint brought it to our attention that our agreed sign-off process with this third-party had not been followed on this occasion. We can confirm that the adverts have subsequently been removed. 

“Arriva is and continues to be impartial and the decision to remove these adverts does not relate to the content, but was taken as the agreed procedure was not adhered to.”

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