'Vegans Are Too Extreme - And It Hurts The Cause' Says Janet Street-Porter

‘Vegans Are Too Extreme – And It Hurts The Cause’ Says Janet Street-Porter


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Are vegans really po-faced? - Media Credit:
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British journalist and media personality Janet Street-Porter has accused militant vegans of being the ‘most po-faced people on the planet’.

According to Street-Porter, vocal vegans are turning people away from the cause because of their inability to protest peacefully.

Writing an opinion piece in The Independent, she said: “Shunning food which you consider harms animals is a personal choice – not one I would adopt, but can’t we agree to disagree?

“Most vegans are happy to sit down to a meal with others eating the food of their choice, but this growing militancy does little to promote their cause.”

Joey Carbstrong

Street-Porter also wrote about vegan activist Joey Carbstrong, who has made a number of high profile media appearances in recent weeks.

Referencing his appearance on Radio 2 – where Carbstrong clashed with presenter Jeremy Vine over his ham and cheese sandwich, she wrote: “The offending object triggered a tirade of abuse.

“[The ham was] denigrated as ‘the flesh of a dead pig [and] the dead body of an animal that didn’t want to die.

“The cheese was no better. Carbstrong believed it came from ‘a mother who had her children taken from her, and had hands shoved in her anus and was artificially inseminated with bull semen.”

PBN talks to Joey Carbstrong

The Guardian

Not everyone condemned Joey Carbstrong for his conversation with Vine: writing in The Guardian, Barbara Ellen said: “It would be all too easy to lampoon Armstrong as an overly militant vegan.

“However, it seems to me (a wussy vegetarian) that this was the very reason he was invited on to the show (discussing activist threats against farmers).”

She added: “Anyone out there laughing at Armstrong’s beliefs, maybe it’s time to ask yourselves – what do you care about deeply enough to risk the mockery of the masses?

“Moreover, the next time that Vine knows he has a vegan guest coming on, perhaps he could show some basic respect and consideration and hide his grotty sandwich in a drawer.”

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