Vegans Branded 'Mad Terrorists' During Piers Morgan TV Rant

Vegans Branded ‘Mad Terrorists’ During Piers Morgan TV Rant


(updated 28th September 2020)

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Morgan often criticizes vegans (Photo: Good Morning Britain) - Media Credit:

TV presenter Piers Morgan once again blasted vegans during a television rant earlier this week.

Morgan launched into the rant following a protest by global animal rights network DxE on Sunday. Around 20 vegan activists stood in front of the meat aisle in Waitrose in Brighton in a bid to raise awareness around animal suffering.

The Good Morning Britain host branded Brighton the ‘home of mad vegans’, accusing the activists of ‘terrorizing old women’.

Vegan activism

A statement by DxE about the Brighton action said: “Why is an aisle of dead animal bodies normal, but speaking out about blatant violence towards defenseless beings extreme?

“Christmas is a time for love, but we choose to celebrate it by taking the life of another, a completely unnecessary act that creates unimaginable suffering.

“This direct action shines a light on the forgotten victims of this festive season, the turkeys. You can’t shop in peace when you’re buying death.”

Vegan rant

But Morgan was enraged by the protest, saying: “You want to protest, come to my house with your little placards and start screaming at me and see how long you get on before I bring meat into the game. I am ready for you.”

He added: “They [vegans] want everyone to be like them, it’s a bit like the severe Brexiteers, the anti-Trump brigade, and the radical pro-Trump people.

“They want everyone to be like them, and if you’re not, you must be exterminated.”

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