Reading Time: 2 minutes Vegans have been accused of leaving signs outside a butcher's shop (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Vegans have been accused of leaving a sign outside a butcher’s shop wishing cancer on his family.

Butcher Nick Rapps from Bristol believes the sign was left by activists as he found it outside his store – Molesworths Family Butchers – less than 24 hours before an animal rights protest in the city.

The sign, which said ‘Cancer on you and your family’ was accompanied by another saying ‘Rot in hell murdering scum’.

‘Sympathetic to that lifestyle’

“I take the approach of I can’t get upset, because that is exactly what they want,” he said. “The funny thing is, out of all the people they could have targeted, I’m probably the one person who is most sympathetic to that lifestyle.

“I’ve always worked in places where the meat has been ethically-sourced – it’s not at all mass produced. If these people want to have a conversation with me about that side of things, I’m actually a very understanding person.

“What did turn my stomach a bit was the cancer sign. I’ve got quite a young family, so that was a bit much. It’s really offensive to cancer survivors.”


One vegan activist told Plant Based News they were suspicious about the origins of the sign.

“This has been widely reported as being the act of vegans,” they said. “But is there any evidence or proof?

“Without having definitive proof about who left the messages, it’s impossible to confirm that they were vegan, or speculate about what they were trying to achieve.”

‘Not effective’

The Vegan Society also noted that there is no evidence that the act was carried out by vegans, depsite being widely reported as such.

It told PBN that it ‘does not support any insults towards anyone’ and it encourages vegan activists to ‘share their message peacefully and positively’.

“It’s important to note that veganism is based on the values of kindness and compassion, with the vast majority of vegans campaigning this way. There are extremists in every movement but they are not representative of the movement as a whole.

“As much as we sympathise with the activists who allegedly put up these signs, we do not consider this approach to be an effective way to promote an ethics-driven lifestyle that veganism is.”

Maria Chiorando

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