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Vegan powerlifter Hulda B Waage has scooped her fourth national title.

The athlete recently competed at the Icelandic Nationals – where she smashed two records.

It was a difficult competition as there were less entrants than ever before, meaning there was little time between lifts, and opportunities to warm up were limited.

‘Great results’

Waage, who weighed in at 82.9kg, started with a 230kg squat, equalling her own national record.

A quick move to bench saw her lift 142.5 kg. This is a new national record for a powerlifting competition. There has been a single lift of 150kg in a bench press only competition – and was also Waage’s.

She went on to squat 180 kg. This gave her a total of 552kg – another national record.

“We weren’t going for our best but still managed great results,” said Waage afterwards.

Vegan athlete

Waage has been vegan since 2014. “I would rather starve when traveling than eating something not vegan” she previously told Great Vegan Athletes.

“But when traveling, I always take something with me to make it easier. Like Black Bean Pasta, hummus, or dried beans and nuts. I take protein powder with me and often dried wheatgrass and chlorella.”

When at home, she has much more control. “I eat smoothies with peanut butter, all sorts of ‘superfoods’, tofu, chickpeas and curry, miso, nori and beets, and I guess I drink a bit of coffee.”

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