Reading Time: < 1 minute The video highlights the impending climate crisis (Photo: Viva!)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A vegan video, which promotes adopting a plant-based diet to save the environment, has gone viral.

The Vegan Now video, from leading animal protection charity Viva! (produced by PBN‘s Robbie Lockie), has garnered a massive 1,014,046 views since its launch in late September.

The video highlights the damaging impact animal agriculture is having on the environment – and how the planet is reaching the ‘point of no return’.

‘Time is running out’

“We are in the midst of an environmental emergency. Our forests are burning, our air is being polluted, our oceans are being poisoned, our soil degraded, and our wildlife wiped out. Never before in human history have we seen ecological devastation on this scale. If we don’t act soon there won’t be a future to fight for,” says Viva!.

“Animal farming is at the heart of the climate crisis. The impact of eating animal products reaches far beyond the cow that you’re eating. It is contributing to the world’s sixth mass extinction and hurtling us towards a catastrophic temperature rise of up to 5°C by the end of this century.

“Time is running out. Runaway climate change and habitat destruction have become the most profound challenges of our age. We still have time left before we pass the point of no-return if we act now. Going vegan is the single biggest thing you can do to cut down your environmental impact. Start your journey today.” 

You can find out more about the Vegan Now campaign here

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