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A vegan ultra-runner set a new Irish record last week, after his epic run 10 times up the country’s highest mountain.

Sean Clifford, from Co.Kerry in Ireland, reached heights of 10,000m, equivalent to the height of Mount Everest, in just 23 hours and 53 minutes.

Going vegan

Clifford went vegan six years ago, after he realized he wasn’t doing enough for his health. “I realized the benefits of veganism after some research and personally felt transitioning to veganism wasn’t difficult,” he said.

He was motivated to run up the ‘Reek’s District’ in Kerry for the challenge and also to raise some money for a local Alzheimer’s charity.

During his epic run, he was joined by cameras who documented his entire experience, in a bid to ‘raise awareness on how to get the best out of your diet and lifestyle’.

Clifford believes he has had a positive impact on those around him by spreading veganism, however, he also says ‘it is harder to change people’s diet than their religion’.


Clifford hopes his accomplishment may encourage people to be open to a plant-based diet by showing them how well vegan athletes can perform.

His record has garnered lots of attention over the last few days but he said: “I’m not into any of this hero stuff to be honest, as it was very much a team effort with wonderful people helping me out.”

As well as being dedicated to veganism for ethical reasons, Clifford believes a plant-based diet is key to optimal performance and health.

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Amy Rohu

Amy is from Dublin in Ireland and is currently working with PBN. She has a certificate in Print Journalism and an Honours degree in Communications and is a very passionate vegan. Amy's favourite thing to do is to go out and hunt down new vegan finds in supermarkets and health stores and her favourite treat is VEGO chocolate!