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A 14-year-old vegan has scooped double-gold at the racquetball World Championships competing in the 14 and under category.

Cody Elkins, who has been vegan since age two, just played in the World Outdoor 3-Wall Championships at Huntingdon Beach, California, and as always, proved he was a force to be reckoned with.

‘Mentally tough’

“It was a difficult tournament because in two of the matches, I was losing badly,” Elkins told Great Vegan Athletes, “and I had to be mentally tough and not give up any points to come back. “I play outdoors more than my opponents, so I was able to outsmart them with my outdoors experience.”

Racquetball typically gives juniors the opportunity to ‘play up’ and participate in older categories. Playing in the 16 and under category meant he faced players two years older than him. Cody went undefeated in the 16 and under category to take the gold there as well.

Vegan athlete

Elkins, whose family is vegan, has been vegan since the age of two. He has spoken in support of veganism on occasions such as his Bar Mitvah last year and in school.

He also excels at table tennis and paddleball, and holds a black belt in karate.