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Norwich, which was recently named Britain’s most vegan-friendly city, is to launch a vegan radio show dubbed Future Vegan.

Broadcasted every other Thursday and then repeated on Saturdays, Future Vegan will air on the community radio station Future Radio – covering the ‘latest vegan news and topical issues’.

The radio show – which claims to be the first of its kind – will also play music exclusively from vegan artists.

‘A celebration of veganism’

Clive McCann-Williams, Producer at Future Vegan, told Norwich Evening News: “Norwich is one of the best places in the UK to be vegan – so it seemed like a no brainer for it to be represented on local radio.

“We aim to entertain the listeners with a celebration of veganism… We plan to make the show a relaxed and informative listen for vegans and non-vegans alike.”

Vegan-friendly cities

Earlier this month, Norwich was crowned as the UK’s most vegan-friendly city – with a population of 2,094 per vegetarian/ vegan restaurant.

To many people’s surprise, London did not make the top ten – coming in 11th in the rankings.

The UK’s top ten vegetarian/ vegan-friendly cities are as follows:

1. Norwich
2. Edinburgh
3. Glasgow
4. Newcastle
5. Bristol
6. Manchester
7. Liverpool
8. Cardiff
9. Southampton
10. Nottingham

Liam Giliver

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