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legend, Ironman athlete, and plant-based advocate John Joseph has announced via
that he is scheduled to appear on the popular Joe Rogan Podcast August

John Joseph

turned his own life around on a plant-based diet, Joseph has said his is a
lifestyle which is ‘about healing your soul’.

The 55-year
vegan is an established ultra-endurance athlete and the author of pro-vegan book
Meat Is For Pussies.

He recently
found himself in the spotlight while mentoring London Real online talk show
host Brian Rose to complete his own 70.3 mile Ironman on a plant-based diet.

Joseph is not always known for his gentle approach, and has been described by Rose as ‘one of the scariest dudes’ he’s seen.

London Real host Brian Rose talks Ironman with Plant Based News’ Peter Wintrip. Subscribe to the PBN YouTube channel here.

‘Respectful conversation’

Rose’s appraisal aside, Joseph’s
recent Twitter post was the picture of congeniality.

He wrote: “Looking forward to
being on the @joerogan podcast Aug 2nd – Joe is a super smart dude – looking
forward to our conversation – respectful conversation.”

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is no stranger to
the public discussion of veganism.

The famed podcast house has
discussed plant-based living with Kevin Smith, and has been criticized for his
on the topic by top plant-based doctor, Milton Mills, MD.

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