Vegan Powerlifter ‘Stoked’ With World Championships Performance


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The lifter has been vegan since 2013 (Photo: Instagram) - Media Credit:

Powerlifter Julia Trezise-Conroy has been competing in the World Drug Free powerlifting Championships.

The strength-based sport of powerlifting includes three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. Competitors have three attempts to lift maximal weights on these lifts.

The New Zealander is competing in the under 52 kg category and already holds national records in squat, bench press and deadlift as well as having the record for the total.


Competing in Atlanta today (November 18), Trezise-Conroy equalled her squat record of 100kg.

This is the second time she has lifted this weight while in the U52kg. It’s also the record in the higher weight category (U56kg), set by Conroy.

She’s also benched 65kg, breaking her own bench record (62.5kg) which she set earlier this month. Before that the record was 60kg, and was still hers.

She deadlifted 140 kg to make a total of 305kg that continues to improve her national record total.

It was only in earlier this month that she increased her record from 280kg to 292.5kg, leaving her a little disappointed to miss out on a target of 300kg.

These lifts mean she’s added 25kg to the National Record in less than a month. She also finished with a Wilks score of 380.


Trezise-Conroy has spoken out about how her vegan diet facilitates her strong performances.

Earlier this year she said: “My strength and fitness speak for themselves, as I am certainly stronger and fitter now than I was before I went vegan, so people just don’t question whether I’m getting enough protein or whatever. 

“In the four years I’ve been vegan, I’ve only been asked where I get my protein twice; and both times it was a sincere question by people who were keen on finding out more.”


The sports star was in touch with Great Vegan Athletes from the meet where she was pleased with her result.

She said: “I am so stoked, a 305kg total was a big goal for me so I am really happy that I got to achieve it. I learned a lot between my last comp and this one and fortunately was able to put that to good use. 

“I definitely feel that the key to today’s success was hydration and nutrition; so it was definitely plant-power that got me through the day!”

You can find our more aboutJulia Trezise-Conroy on Great Vegan Athletes here


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