Reading Time: < 1 minute David Meyer has an impressive record in his sport (Photo: Supplied)
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Veteran vegan fighter David Meyer has added to his incredible list of honors with a World title at the IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championships. The achievement was even more impressive because the 56-year-old fought in two categories.

Competing in Anaheim, California, the athlete lost a close final to take bronze in his own weight category (medium heavy) as well as taking Gold in the Open weight category for his age bracket, Master 6.

The win is his ninth world title in a career that has continued well into middle age thanks to, Meyer says, a vegan diet.

‘Morally committed to not harming animals’

“I was vegetarian since 1985 and experimented eating mostly vegan, and have been entirely vegan since 2000,” he told Great Vegan Athletes.

“My motivation is entirely to not harm animals. I have experienced that it’s an extremely healthy way to eat. It gives me more energy, it’s better for the environment. I’m morally committed to not harming animals.”

Vegan firsts

Meyer was the first American to win a Black Belt competition in Brazil and the first American to win a medal at a Black Belt World Championship. He hopes his achievements will help people to see the value of a plant-based diet.

He said: “I hope that as more and more people hear about veganism they will be open to considering it and realize that it’s a natural and smart way to eat.

“When they look at the consumption of animals, they will learn that animals have a right to live.”

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