Vegan: Everyday Stories – Film Review


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Vegan: Everyday Stories is a documentary sharing the lives of several remarkably different people who share a common thread – they’re all vegan. It shows very clearly that vegans are not all the stereotypical hippies living in 1970s Volkswagens, but simply compassionate individuals willing to change their lifestyle to aid less fortunate beings.

The movie begins with a woman named René, an aspiring country singer who lives with her fourth generation cattle farming husband. As a generic country girl, she loves eating meat.

However, one day a chicken on her farm became injured. René, being the compassionate woman she is, decided to nurse the hen back to health. While bandaging this
chicken’s leg, she realizes that this beautiful sentient animal that she has developed a relationship with will eventually be killed.

This realization compelled her to go vegan and even convinced her husband to turn the farm into an animal sanctuary – it is now a regular venue for vegan festivals.

Young vegan activist

Another story from the film is that of a little girl, Genesis. At the age of just four-years-old, Genesis learned that the same animals she sees out of the car window are also on her plate at home.

This realization immediately prompted her to adopt a vegan lifestyle and now, at eight years old, Genesis is a very inspiring young activist. Not only has she convinced her family of six to go vegan, but she spends her spare time handing out leaflets at the beach and giving speeches at public events.

Vegan journeys

The film also traces the personal journeys of two other people; an ultramarathon runner as well as a plant based food truck owner. It also includes interviews with others, including a vegan professional American football player as well as a plant-based medical doctor.

Through doing this, the film effectively destroys the stigma around veganism and proves that vegans can be as accomplished as anyone else. The only difference is that they hold
consistent beliefs when it comes to the treatment of animals.

I would recommend this film to anyone: it might just open your eyes to something you’ve never seen before.


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