Vegan Couple Suing Caterer For $150,000 Over Bad Wedding Food Defended By Guest


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The bride and groom wanted to surprise their guests (Photo: Kace Rodriguez) - Media Credit:

A couple suing their wedding caterers for $150,000 have been defended by a guest who described them as ‘kind-hearted, sweet people’.

The couple filed the lawsuit after caterers served what was described as ‘horrific’ food during the reception.

The vegan pair planned to give their guests a plant-based feast – revealing after the reception that the meal was meat and dairy-free.


But according to reports, Siara Zee Elovich Williams, 33, and Kevin Williams, 31, said their day was ruined after the meal at A’Bulae, in St. Paul, Minnesota turned out to be a ‘disaster’.

They are claiming $152,047 for breach of contact – seeking $21,721 for each of the alleged seven counts of breach of contract.

The suit, which was filed in Ramsey County District Court, claims guests were told by staff that they weren’t allowed to have coffee creamer or soy sauce because they weren’t vegan – despite the couple not wanting their guests to know they were eating a plant-based meal.


In addition, there were complaints over the quality of the food, with the couple saying the tofu that should have been crispy was raw.

They described the flatbread pizza as ‘simply nasty and inedible’, say a curry sauce was ‘sickeningly sweet’, and claim that noodles were so overcooked, they were simply ‘mush’.

On top of this, the service itself was described as poor, with guests having their cake taken away, and staff refusing to give the father of the bride water – telling him to get it from the bar himself.


While the couple has come in for some criticism over the lawsuit, a guest at the wedding contacted a local news outlet to defend them.

According to Patti Blakeley, they are ‘kind-hearted, sweet people, opposed to any animal cruelty on their behalf, who wished to show their guests that a vegan meal could be just as delicious and satisfying as one including meat’.

She added: “It wasn’t a trick, it was supposed to be a delightful surprise.”


She added: “When you book a wedding with these venues, you are trapped once you put your money down. It’s not like you can go find a different caterer. 

“Readers deciding that the bride, who is a much-loved dentist, must be evil and want to take her down should really check themselves. 

“Thinking a soft-hearted woman who wants to protect animals and show people a different way must be a bridezilla is just plain wrong. 

“It was such a beautiful wedding and the venue really let them down when it came to providing this special meal for their guests.” 

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