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Vegan brand Sun and Sage Ethical Vegan Clothing has announced it has been donating a percentage of its profit to rescue sick animals in Bali.

Founded by Aron Hughes, the company has helped raise nearly $8,000 in rescue costs since starting up in 2017.

‘Choosing compassion’

Speaking to Plant Based News, Hughes said: “When I first arrived in Bali, I was shocked to see the number of street animals suffering and in need of help…

“I thought if I can rescue these animals, while linking it to the wider message of choosing compassion for all animals, I can truly make a difference.”

‘Growing number of vegans’

He added: “There are a few reasons for doing it. My instinct tells me if I see an animal suffering, I should help them…

“Every day I get motivated, not just by the animals, but by the kind words of so many people who are encouraging me.”

Hughes also explained that his charity work was inspired by the ‘growing number of vegans in the world’ and that he hopes his products can help ‘spark conversations about veganism’.

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Liam Gilliver

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