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Vegan chef Gaz Oakley has created new documentary – which will premiere in London later this month.

Tickets are available now for the screening of Salt of the Earth at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square on November 25.

The film, which Oakley describes as ‘a DIY documentary’ follows the chef as he travels through his home country of Wales, picking fresh produce, trying out experiences the country has to offer, and cooking for his first restaurant boss.

‘Salt of the Earth’

Oakley told Plant Based News he decided to make the film after having multiple meetings with TV production crews about making his own show. “But I couldn’t be bothered waiting for somoene else to decide my fate in terms of doing a TV show,” he said. “I just wanted to do it myself. I’ve got a big platform on YouTube now (nearly 800,000 subscribers).

“The film essentially is me traveling around my home country – Wales. We start in the most northern part, in Anglesey, where we harvest sea salt. We do incredible activities like going on Europe’s fastest zipline, seaweed foraging, and new potato picking.

“Essentially the journey is from the most northern point in Wales to the most southern point in Cardiff. We go back to the first restaurant where I started on my culinary path where I first got a chef job at 15. I cook for one of my first head chef’s there, using the ingredients I picked up on my journey around Wales just days before meeting him.”


The chef says he is proud of the film, and of his team for making the film, which he says ‘shows off how beautiful the UK can be…and how good the food tastes’.

He added: “I’m very proud of the film. I’m very proud of what my team has done, particularly my assistant Tom Lewis who produced and edited it.

“I hope it will inspire people to go out and enjoy their local area and go off and do something off their own back without waiting for someone else to do it for them. I’m happy to put on a premiere for it. Hopefully people enjoy it.”


The Prince Charles Cinema will host another vegan premiere just days after the screening of Oakley’s film.

PBN‘s new documentary Vegan 2019 will debut in the cinema on November 30 – tickets are available now. 

Klaus Mitchell directed and produced the film, which shows how and why plant-based diets are rising to prominence, looking at some of the most significant vegan moments from the year.

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