Vegan Caller Tells LBC Radio Host James O’Brien:?’Killing Animals Is Psychopathic’


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The caller is a rat trap saboteur herself (Photo: LBC) - Media Credit:

A vegan caller has told Leading Britain’s Conversation [LBC] radio presenter James O’Brien that killing animals is ‘psychopathic’.

In a discussion about hunt saboteurs, caller Laura mentioned she loves rats – and sabotages rat traps all the time.

O’Brien replied that ‘keeping vermin away from human dwellings is not only sensible, but also an intrinsic part of civilisation’.


But Laura hit back, saying: “But the animals were there first. If you look up the clinical definition it’s actually psychopathic.”

“It’s psychopathic to eat meat?” asked O’Brien.

She replied: “Yes. No, I wasn’t talking about eating meat, I’m on about killing animals.”

“But you’ve got to kill them first, surely?” said the radio host. “You’d rather I killed it before eating it, as opposed to taking a bite out of a living animal.”


The vegan caller explained: “Actually one of the arguments I regularly use with people is if you’re going to tell me you’re a carnivore, you should be able to chase down a foal in the street and grab it. 

“Eat it raw, eat it live. Only then will I not have a problem with you consuming meat.”

“Do you get invited to a lot of dinner parties, Laura?” asked the presenter.

She retorted: “I throw a lot of dinner parties and all my vegan friends come round and we laugh about people that eat corpses.”

A similar debate arose last month on the show, when another vegan caller hung up on LBC host Nick Ferrari following a conversation about animal agriculture.

You can hear the whole call here


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