Reading Time: 2 minutes Fiona Oakes feeds calves (Photo: Tower Hill Stables Sanctuary)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A vegan leather retailer decided to forego Black Friday last week – opting for ‘Quack Friday’ – in its place.

Instead of offering discounts, The Vegan Tannery decided to donate 10 percent of its sales to Tower Hill Stables Sanctuary.

Vegan sanctuary

Operated by world-record-holding distance runner Fiona Oakes, Tower Hill Stables Sanctuary is home to hundreds of animals, and the monthly food bills alone can cost around £12,000.

As well as caring for all the animals every day, Fiona keeps up an elite-level training schedule to prepare for her running challenges. She does this as a way of raising funds for the sanctuary, but also to prove that incredible feats of endurance are possible with a vegan diet and lifestyle.

Vegan hero

“We were so inspired by Fiona’s story, and her selfless, tireless attitude, that we wanted to do something to help,” Lee from The Vegan Tannery told Plant Based News.

“We enjoy running ourselves and are in awe of what she does…

“Just imagine finishing a 20 mile run and then mucking-out stables for the rest of the day! The world needs more Fionas.”

Supporting vegan charities

“The idea of doing a big Black Friday sale didn’t feel right to us,” Jen, from from The Vegan Tannery, added. “We would like to encourage careful and thoughtful buying at this time of year.

“We sell products of nice quality, that we hope our customers (or recipients of gifts) will treasure and look after, and be happy knowing that they were produced thoughtfully too.”

Vegan business

She added: “We’re a new, small business, but we’re starting as we mean to go on with supporting charity organizations. We raised enough cash through sales this time to buy the sanctuary some replacement wheelbarrow wheels.

“Not a glamorous or enormous gift by any means, but glamorous doesn’t always get things done, and every little helps. If folks could make further donations to Fiona and the animals in the run up to Christmas, that would be so wonderful.

“And if other retailers would consider doing something similar next year for Black Friday, that would be amazing too.”

Maria Chiorando

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