Reading Time: < 1 minute The store offers a range of vegan food - and the opportunity to take a selfie in the 'Vegan Queen' mirror (Photo: Supplied)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A new vegan lifestyle store is opening in London today.

The BRIGHT Store In Hoxton, East London, is the brainchild of Laura Callan and Tamsin Rose Callan the sisters behind BRIGHT Zine – a vegan lifestyle brand.

Supporting vegan businesses

The store will serve coffee, which is sourced from vegan cafe The Fields Beneath, and food and drinks from independent companies including Vida Bakery, Bexfast, BRAVE Foods, and Fix8 Kombucha.

As well as products from independent businesses, The BRIGHT Store will sell the entire BRIGHT range, including its Vegan Queen merchandise and hugely popular Ethical Lifestyle Toolkits, and some in-store exclusive products.

“We see the The BRIGHT Store as an extension of everything we do with BRIGHT Zine,” Founder, Laura Callan, told Plant Based News. “We care about creating community and supporting vegan businesses so the store will stock hand-selected products from independent vegan businesses, and will host a range of events to bring people together.”

Subscribers to BRIGHT Zine, the quarterly ethical lifestyle magazine and BRIGHT’s core offering will receive 10 percent off at The BRIGHT Store.

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