Reading Time: < 1 minute Vegan bodybuilder Torre Washington (Photo: Instagram)
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VeganbodybuilderTorre Washington scooped fourth prize at the recent IFBB LA Grand Prix Pro Masters Men’s Physique competition.

Washington has been working with film stars as a trainer, but still finds time to compete.

The event featured only Pro Card competitors, who have been awarded Pro status following a regional win by the IFBB, arguably the highest standard of the bodybuilding federations.

Vegan bodybuilder Torre Washington


Torre narrowly missed out on a podium place with his fourth placing out of the 12 competitors.

“It was honor to represent all natural/plant-based/vegan athletes,” said Washington. “I was able to secure fourth place”

The Florida-based muscleman turned vegan in 1998, saying: “My sudden switch to ‘vegan’ came out of wanting to not be a hypocrite as a Rasta who professes to live off the land. Some Rastas still consume fish and even chicken, I wanted no part of that and as such a new vegan arose not knowing that there was a term for this lifestyle back in 1998.”