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Vegan runner Catra Corbett has won first female at the 72 Hour Beyond Limits Ultra race, covering a staggering 192 miles.

Corbett – who is in her fifties – is one of the sport’s most recognisable and flamboyant characters. She has completed more than 100 races at her favourite distances 100 miles.

After 23 years sober following years of drug and alcohol abuse, she has had a major impact on the sport.


According to Corbett, her plan for this year’s race was to win first female, beating her previous 72-hour record, which was 174 miles.

She managed to surpass this goal, covering 192 miles, averaging 64 miles per day and finishing as the first lady and fourth overall.


During the three-day event, the athlete managed to snatch a few hours of sleep here and there as she racked up the mileage.

In terms of fuel, she ate a few different products. “I used Unived products, they are vegan, and Muir energy gels. I used pickle juice for the salt, boiled potatoes, chips, and bearded brother bars.

“And yes I had fun.”