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A vegan athlete who has twice got to the final of Ninja Warrior has revealed to Plant Based News how he did so well.

Jacob Peregrine-Wheller, who finished in the top 15 athletes of 30,000 that applied for the show, said learning how to ‘manage the pressure better’ helps him perform better.

The free running coach has now become one of around only 15 athletes across all five series (1,000 competitors), who have become two-time finalists (series 3 and 5), showing that eating a plant-based diet is no barrier to sporting success.

‘Manage the pressure better’

“This season of Ninja Warrior was more enjoyable for me than the last. I now have the experience of the course and show, and can manage the pressure better,” he told PBN.

“I have expectations of myself, and when I can relax, I can play on the course even more so. I didn’t aim to be fast, I aimed to spread a message: to play, daily, to move for enjoyment rather than competition.”

Benefits of a vegan diet

Peregrine-Wheller believes his performance may have inspired some people, as the online response has been so positive. 

“Students, friends; and family of mine attended the filming dates, some with banners showing vegan support, including ‘plant-powered’ and ‘the only vegan Peregrine’. 

“Some of these were vegans I had only met online who wanted to come and show their support! Many students of mine have been intrigued, and the support online has been in the hundreds, supporting me as a vegan athlete, or having questions about a vegan lifestyle.” 

Future plans

Following his success on Ninja Warrior, the athlete decided to embark on another adventure; launching his own business.

“This year in January, I decided to follow a lifelong dream, and have been creating an ethical clothing line called: ECO THREADS,” he told PBN.

The range, which will launch this Summer includes T-shirts made from a mix of 40 percent recycled bottles and 60 percent recycled cotton.

“Our Facebook and Instagram pages can be found, but will start to be active very soon,” he said.

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