Reading Time: < 1 minute Roll is an accomplished runner, swimmer, and cyclist (Photo: Instagram)
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Men’s Health
Magazine has named 51-year-old vegan and ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll the
‘Fittest Vegan On Earth’.

In an article by Mark
– titled The World’s Fittest Vegan Is a 51-Year-Old Ultra-Endurance
– the top-selling men’s magazine in America profiles Roll and his athletic

Lelinwalla’s piece offers
Roll’s insights as well as a brief synopsis of his career – and describes him
to readers as ‘more ripped than you’ll ever be’.

Having struggled
with junk food addiction, substance abuse, and his weight, Roll is now an accomplished
author, athlete, pod cast host, and inspiration to many.


Roll has a number of
athletic accomplishments to his credit, the most recent of which being the Ötillö
Swimrun World Championship.

The race, which took
place off the coast of Sweden, entailed 40 miles of running and six of

Roll told Men’s
Health: “It’s probably the hardest one-day thing that I’ve ever done in my
life. It proved to me that at 50, I could still go out and compete at a high

‘World’s fittest’

When Leniwalla told
Roll he may be ‘the world’s most fittest vegan’, Roll expressed doubts, saying ‘we’re
seeing the explosion of vegan athletes right now’.

Among top-performing
athletes who eat plant-based are the NHL’s Zdeno Chara, accomplished strongman Patrik
Baboumian, pro-surfer Tia Blanco, the MMA’s Mac Danzig, and Meagan Duhamel,
figure skater and Olympic gold medallist.

You canread PBN’s extensive interview with Rich Roll here

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