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Vegan actor, Mena Massoud, will play the protagonist in Disney’s highly anticipated remake of Aladdin.

The film, which hits US cinemas on 24 May 2019, features American actor and rapper, Will Smith, as the character Genie.

Massoud has also launched his own brand, Evolving Vegan, to help dissolve the tension between vegans and those slowly making the transition.

‘A considerable divide’

He told VegNews: “When I first started living a plant-based lifestyle, I noticed a considerable divide between vegans and everyone else.

“It’s a difficult thing, changing the way you eat, and I felt as though vegans didn’t care to share their knowledge or experience with those who weren’t fully willing to commit immediately. Evolving Vegan is about encouraging everyone to evolve and turn to a plant-based lifestyle, even if it’s for one day of the week.”

Evolving Vegan merchandise

Massoud plans to release a cookbook, sharing the mouthwatering plant-based recipes he often posts on social media. Vegan apparel can already be found on Evolving Vegan‘s website, which features a ‘To Beet Or Not To Beet’ t-shirt.

You can watch the Aladdin trailer below.

Liam Giliver

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