Vegan Activist James Aspey Running For Parliament

Vegan Activist James Aspey Running For Parliament


(updated 1st October 2020)

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Vegan activist James Aspey (Photo: Supplied) - Media Credit:
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Vegan activist James Aspey will be running for Parliament with the Animal Justice Party (AJP) in the seat of Heathcote in the upcoming New South Wales state election in Australia.

Aspey told Plant Based News that he ‘wants the world to be a more peaceful place’ for both animals and humans.

He is one of 50 Lower House, and 18 Upper House candidates the AJP has running for Parliament. Every candidate is vegan and dedicated to animal protection. The Australian political party already has two MPs elected- Mark Pearson in NSW and Andy Meddick in VIC.

Politics and animal rights

“To put it simply, I want this world to be a more peaceful and chill place for us all to live and I’m spending my time trying to help make that dream a reality,” says Aspey,

“Politics is an important part of the animal rights movement. With individual change from below and political change from above, we can achieve the abolition of animal exploitation even faster. The battle is fought on many fronts. Let’s come together to win this one, too.

“I’m also running as a candidate to support Emma Hurst, an incredibly dedicated animal advocate, to get elected into the Upper House to fight for animals in Parliament.”

‘An amazing activist’

“James is an amazing activist and will be an excellent voice speaking up for animals in New South Wales,” said the AJP’s lead candidate Emma Hurst.

Hurst, who has been vegan for 19 years, says she is running for Parliament because she is ‘sickened by the way the current Government allows major corporations to be cruel to animals simply for profit’.

Changing policies

“By changing policies and law, and blocking Bills that would cause harm to animals, I’m confident we can build a country that is kind and respectful to all species,” she added.

“My promise to the animals is this: You have all of me. The lioness in the circus- I see you. The pig in the sow stall- I see you. The mouse in the medical experimentation facility – I see you. The fish crushed at the bottom of a trawler net- I see you. I know your suffering, and I will never be silent.

“I will push forward no matter what life throws my way because the cruelties inflicted on you must end, and I’ll do all I can to see that happen. You have all of me.”

You can find out more about the Animal Justice Party here

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