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A prolific vegan activist has been officially appointed by the Israeli Prime Minister to advise him on animal matters.

Tal Gilboa, who is best known as the winner of the reality show Big Brother Israel, is the Co-founder of Total Liberation Israel and Glass Walls. She has documented inside 95 percent of Israel’s dairy farms.

She says she wants to use her new role to raise awareness of animal suffering.

Advisor on animals rights

“I have asked Tal Gilboa to be my adviser on matters of animal rights,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement sent to Plant Based News. “It is a subject which has gradually become more and more dear to my heart.

“I have been influenced by my family, by books which I have read, by Tal herself and I must add, by my dog Kaya. My connection with Kaya, seeing how she understands things, witnessing her feelings and here motions have all had a profound effect on me.

“We have therefore begun implementing changes in government policies through various means in recent years and we will continue to do with greater intensity in the next government.”

Raising awareness

“I would like to raise awareness to the suffering of animals,” Gilboa added. “Animals who are in farms, animals who are in shelters and so much more.

When asked if she would like to see Israel as the first vegan country, she said: “Absolutely, but this depends on the will of the people. The most important thing I would work for would be taking the jurisdiction on matters concerning animal cruelty from the hands of the Ministry of Agriculture.

“It is an absurdity that the same Ministry that works closely with dairy and poultry farmers, also supervises issues of animal cruelty. This must change.”

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