Reading Time: < 1 minute Erik Hastings is the host of 'Cook Vegan For Me' 
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A vegan advocate and former undercover investigator for Mercy for Animals is set to host a new plant-based cookery show.

Cook Vegan For Me, hosted by Erik Hastings, will debut on YouTube and Vimeo on September 16. Hastings hopes to ‘help open hearts and minds’ through the show.

According to Hastings, he will ‘take audiences around the world looking for non-vegan chefs to cook vegan meals and meat-eaters to dine with him. He’ll also delve into the region’s vegan-friendly adventures and animal advocacy efforts’.

Vegan epiphany

Hastings, a former hunter, fisherman, and meat-eater, dedicated his life to advocating for animals after having a vegan epiphany. 

After working in law enforcement, he decided to become an undercover investigator, working to expose the abuse inflicted upon animals in the current system of animal agriculture.

Compassionate food choices

“Vegan food is just FOOD and sometimes having a non-judgmental conversation, over a great plant-based meal, can get people to consider more compassionate food choices,” Hastings said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

Tracey Kleber, co-creator and producer of the series added: “We are absolutely thrilled that Erik has decided to join our production. We can’t think of a better, more authentic spokesperson for veganism. 

“We have tremendous respect for what he has already accomplished on behalf of farm animals in his career and we can’t wait to share the series with the world.”

Maria Chiorando

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