Reading Time: < 1 minute David Drew MP was photographed holding a #FurFreeBritain sign in support of the proposed ban
Reading Time: < 1 minute

MPs and animal
rights organizations came together in Westminster on May 15 to discuss a
potential fur import ban prior to a debate on the matter set for June 4.


Society International (HSI) and Open Cages emphasised that, while fur farms
have been banned in the UK for nearly twenty years, fur importation is still
common practice.

The two animal
rights organizations lobbied for change as part of a campaign which has been
coined #FurFreeBritain, aimed at ending the import of fur entirely.


to the HSI press release, a ban in the name of animal welfare would be

It stated: “Clear
evidence of animal suffering has been found and compiled from investigations
into hundreds of fur farms in 15 different countries over three continents,
since 2008.”

Footage and
photographs from a number of said farms were displayed as part of the day’s


A number of
MPs took photographs with #FurFreeBritain signs to show support for the
campaign – including David Drew MP, Kerry McCarthy MP, & Sir Roger Gale MP.

Director of HSI UK Claire Bass said: “It is fantastic to see the campaign
gaining traction in Westminster.

“The vast
majority of the British public support an animal fur import ban and it is
exciting that this sentiment is being echoed by MPs from across the political

out the mixed messages sent by fur importation in the wake of a farm ban, she
added: “It’s time the UK pulled the plug on the fur trade.”

Emily Court

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