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Vegan TikTok star Tabitha Brown has landed a role in a major US television series. 

The actor, who went vegan after watching What The Health, will join the cast of The Chi on Showtime – a coming-of-age drama – for its fourth season. 

‘So excited’

“OOHHH GOD I THANK YOU,” Brown wrote to her 3.2 million Instagram followers.

“So excited to join The Chi on Showtime family! Thank you Lena Waithe for seeing me for me! I’m so grateful. I can’t wait to share this journey with all of you! Thank you for your support!”

Brown’s carrot ‘bacon’ recipe went viral on TikTok last year

Viral TikToks

Brown’s most popular TikTok today is her carrot ‘bacon’ recipe, which has garnered a staggering 21.1 million views. 

“I’m about to make carrot bacon uh-huh,” Brown starts the video while peeling strips of carrots. “Now you’ve got a few strips, but if you want more than this, then do that because that’s your business.”

The influencer then creates a marinade using ingredients including liquid smoke, maple syrup, and garlic powder, before cooking them in an air fryer for five minutes. 

“Take it out and baby you got some bacon. Now let’s check the crunch. Listen real good,” Brown says, while crunching down on the food.

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