WATCH: Pro-Vegan T.V Ad Targeting ‘Animal Lovers’ Exceeds 1 Million Views

The advert aims to help those who define themselves as 'animal lovers' but 'haven’t yet made the connection and gone vegan'


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The vegan t.v ad The ad has attracted more than one million views - Media Credit: Future Normal

A new pro-vegan T.V ad will air on various on-demand channels throughout November.

The video is part of an ‘ambitious’ campaign by The Vegan Society called Future Normal. It hopes to help those who define themselves as ‘animal lovers’ but ‘haven’t yet made the connection and gone vegan’.

It will show on channels such as Sky Nature, Sky Documentary, Nat Geographic, Food Network, Discover, and more. 

The campaign launched in September and has already exceeded 12.5 million impressions. It has also garnered more than one million video views. 

The ad will air through Novemeber

‘A hopeful action’

Louise Davies is Head of Campaigns at The Vegan Society. In a statement sent to PBN, she said the ad encourages people to ‘think about the future they want to live in’. As well as the ‘steps they can take to make it a reality’.

“Going vegan can be seen as a hopeful action,” Davies added. “Veganism is a lifestyle taken up by those of us who believe a kinder, more compassionate world can be created… That whatever small part we can play is worth it.

“We’re sharing the message that being an animal lover means caring for and respecting all animals. Not just those we might share our homes with.”

Pro-vegan T.V ads

Earlier this year Israel’s first pro-vegan T.V ad reached 35 percent of the nation after it broadcasted on one of the country’s most popular shows.

The 60-second advert, created by international non-profit Vegan Friendly, shows a couple shopping in a supermarket. When they ask for ‘extra fresh’ meat, they are handed a living lamb. The commercial ends with the message ‘make the connection’.

The organization’s founder and CEO is Omri Paz. He told PBN: “After so many years seeing commercials of animal products… It’s exciting to see for a change a vegan commercial that talks about compassion for animals.”

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