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Controversial T.V host Piers Morgan has declared ‘the world’s gone nuts’ after a T.V show has ditched meat.

The comment follows reports claiming Eastenders – a popular U.K Soap Opera – has hired an ‘eco-consultant’ in an effort to cut the show’s carbon emissions.

According to reports, all food shown on-air will now be vegetarian or vegan – substituting sausages and bacon for Quorn alternatives, and creating a meat-free black pudding from black beans.

‘Less food is wasted’

An anonymous insider told The Sun: “Like everyone these days, EastEnders’ bosses want to do their bit for the environment and this is all part of a massive ongoing drive to reduce carbon emissions. 

“It means less food is wasted as veggie or vegan items can be re-heated — and obviously pigs, cows, and sheep aren’t being slaughtered.”

‘Virtue signaling nonsense’

Morgan, who often speaks out against veganism, described the move as ‘virtue signaling nonsense’ – stating that ‘the world’s gone nuts’.

“EastEnders eating quorn sausages? Honestly,” he added. 

Plant Based News has contacted Eastenders for comment 

Liam Giliver

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