Iconic T.V Show ‘Coronation Street’ Urged To ‘Help Prevent Future Pandemics’ By Going Vegan

''Safety first' was the first order when Corrie resumed filming after lockdown. Serving all-vegan fare can achieve just that'


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The set of Coronation Street Will the show's iconic Rovers Return go vegan? - Media Credit: ITV

British soap opera Coronation Street has been urged to go vegan to ‘help prevent future pandemics‘.

The request to ditch animal products from the screen comes from animal advocacy charity PETA. It has written to ITV‘s Series Producer Ian MacLeod ahead of the show’s 60th anniversary.

‘Safety first’

“‘Safety first’ was the first order when Corrie resumed filming after lockdown,” the letter reads.

“Serving all-vegan fare can achieve just that – by helping to prevent more pandemics caused by exploiting animals.”

Infectious diseases

“Around 75 percent of new infectious diseases (including COVID-19) stem from animals.

“Even before the current pandemic, we faced diseases such as bird flu, swine flu, and other animal-borne illnesses. 

“[When] animals are crammed together in filthy, stressful conditions, deadly pathogens can emerge and spread. It’s time to say, ‘Ta-ra, chuck’ to unhygienic factory farms for everyone’s sake.”

PETA also says Coronation Street could ‘guide us towards a climate-friendly future’. It says eating vegan can reduce food-related carbon emissions by up to 73 percent. 


The news follows rival T.V show Eastenders, who reportedly ditched meat from the screen last month.

According to reports, the show hired an ‘eco-consultant’ to cut its carbon emission. It will only show characters eating or cooking vegetarian or vegan from now on.

This includes dishes such as a black pudding made from black beans, and Quorn meat-free sausages.

An anonymous insider told The Sun: “Like everyone these days, EastEnders’ bosses want to do their bit for the environment. This is all part of a massive ongoing drive to reduce carbon emissions. 

“It means less food is wasted as veggie or vegan items can be re-heated… And obviously pigs, cows, and sheep aren’t being slaughtered.”

T.V host Piers Morgan slammed the move, describing it as ‘virtue signaling nonsense’. 

He added: “EastEnders eating quorn sausages? Honestly.” Then declared the ‘world had gone mad’.

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