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Plant Based News will be releasing its new documentary VEGAN 2017 in December on YouTube.

The film, which has been created by PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell, looks at how the movement has progressed over the last 12 months.


Mitchell says: “I’m trying to trace the evolution of the vegan movement.

“Events come and go. Some positive. Some negative. But this film is an attempt to zoom out, connect the dots and showcase a major trend that is occurring that not many people realize is happening very quickly.”


Having carefully tracked every big vegan story this year, Mitchell is optimistic about what is happening.

“There has been tremendous progress this year,” he says.

“If you look at what is happening with food technology or the films coming out, many on mainstream platforms, it is clear this movement is on an exciting trajectory.”

The film will combine original PBN footage with other media.


Mitchell says: “I’ve made a number of trips to the U.S. and elsewhere, and have captured some awesome interviews, which will be featured in the film.

“Because it will be free for everyone to watch on YouTube, I have been able to include clips from mainstream outlets. It is really powerful when you put them all together and they tell a really compelling story of how veganism is growing.”

He is excited about the new film – which is the latest instalment in a series – believing it will resonate with a larger audience, saying: “Unlike the previous films, this one is longer, more professional, and I think more accessible for non-vegans.”


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