Tragic End As ‘Celebrity’ Fox Rescued From Fur Farm Goes Missing And Is Found Dead


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Autopsies show foxes suffer immensely when hunted and killed (Photo: Nathan Anderson) - Media Credit:

A fox who became famous in Norway after being rescued from a fur farm has died.

Ayla, who lived with human companion Silje Elin Matnisdal and had more than 74,000 followers on her Instagram account, went missing at the end of June.


Speaking to the Norwegian press at the time of Ayla’s disappearance, Matnisal said: “There are dense forests and difficult terrain in the forest area. It’s a bit winding there, and I lost sight of her for two seconds, and that was enough.”

“We have searched throughout the forest, up and down, and crawled on slopes where it is obvious humans haven’t been before.”

But no one was able to find the missing animal – despite large rewards being offered, and many sightings being reported.


Fans desperately awaited positive news, but were heartbroken to hear Ayla had died.

An Instagram post by Matnisal said: “I hope you are free now my friend. You made my life an adventure. RIP Ayla.”

“My heart is broken and I need time to process this. Love you all for following Ayla on her adventures. Thank you for all your hopes and prayers. It’s highly appreciated.” 

“I need time to cope with this, so won’t be available for a while.”


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