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Vegans are more desirable in the dating world, according to a social experiment conducted by animal rights charity PETA.

The organization used
the popular dating app Tinder to determine whether users were more eager to
date someone who loves bacon, or who loves animals.

Carnist vs vegan

contrasting accounts – visible in Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Los Angeles – were
created for a 27-year-old man called ‘Alex’.

One showed
Alex next to a vegan ice-cream sign wearing a ‘vegan’ hat – another framed
Alex as a bacon enthusiast, with the same images doctored to show him wearing a ‘bacon’ hat and standing next to a sign advertising cheeseburgers.


While the
American experiment revealed that the vegan got 50 percent more ‘right swipes’ from
users, similar studies in Australia and the UK showed roughly double the number
of likes for the vegan account.

PETA’s Zachary
Toliver cited studies which suggest vegans are better lovers – and highlighted
perks of dating a vegan.

He wrote: “It’s
nice to snuggle up with someone who’s passionate and compassionate.”

Emily Court

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