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Thousands of prisoners will be eating vegan this Christmas as jails have added these options to menus to meet demand.

The increase in veganism means there are now an estimated 8,500 vegans living in prison.

In 2009, vegan prisoners won the right to animal-free products in jail, following Vegan Prisoners Support Group’s 15-year-long campaign.

Supporting prisoners’ rehabilitation

Animal charity PETA praised a prison in Surrey for its homemade vegan menu including plant-based Cornish pasties and chickpea paella.

PETA’s Director, Elisa Allen, told Plant Based News: “Offering vegan meals can help support prisoners’ rehabilitation and improve their health, while also saving taxpayers money.”

Allen also said that a vegan diet can ‘be a successful part of a violence-reduction programme’.

Christmas is no exception

Privately run Parc prison in South Wales is offering its inmates a vegan dish this year, serving vegetable crumble.

Parc’s deputy director Ian Coles told The Sun: “We always take into account all the dietary requirements of the men in our care and Christmas is no exception.”

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