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Simple Happy Kitchen – famous for its quirky illustrations of vegan food – is launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund an illustrated plant-based guide. It will open on September 13.

The book – which will be presented in the brand’s inimitable style – will be created by illustrator Miki Mottes and a dietician.

As well as being full of information, some of the pages of the book will be perforated, making it easy to tear out the ones that interest you, and hang them as posters.

Wonderful world

According to the brand: “Simple Happy Kitchen will expose you to the wonderful world of plant-based living. Our goal is to show the richness of a plant-based lifestyle and how to make the best of it.

“We take boring, hard to understand research, that can sometimes even be frightening, and put them in cheerful visuals.

“The easy-to-understand illustrations deliver comprehensible and reliable information. 

“Simple Happy Kitchen will expose you to the wonderful wide variety of vegan food, so you can understand what you can do, how to get all your nutrients, and enjoy all sorts of tasty dishes.”


PBN co-founder Robbie Lockie said: “Here at PBN we are huge fans of Miki’s work.

“This guide will offer a truly unique way to learn more about a plant-based diet, whether you are new to it, or whether you’ve been doing it for a while.

“I’m delighted this guide will be available soon – and it will take so many of the questions out of how to eat vegan-style.”


The crowdfunding campaign will launch on September 13.

Backers can receive a range of rewards – from charm versions of the illustrations on chains, to plushies and a coloring book – a Kickstarter exclusive.

Mottes says: “This book has many important issues to cover and I ask your support in realizing this dream.”


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