The World’s First Vegan Lifestyle TV Show Gets a Second Season


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The world’s first and only vegan lifestyle
TV series has been renewed for a second season. Plant-Based By Nafsika, the brainchild of host Nafsika Antypas, is
a show that focuses on a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle, and it includes fun
topics like food, fashion, beauty, health, and innovations. It airs weekly on
A&E’s FYI channel,

“If You Plant It, It Will Grow.”
That is Nafsika’s slogan, and it’s clearly working. She created the show to
help change the world through food, and it piqued the interest of a mainstream
audience in addition to her many vegan followers.

I had the pleasure of chatting with her
about the show. When I asked about her favorite part of the first season,
Nafsika explained, “I think it was just getting to talk with all these really
cool individuals from all walks of life and getting to know them on a personal

Nafsika originally became a vegan because
of animals, first and foremost. Her vegan journey came full circle in the first
season, too, when she got to interview one of the producers of Vegucated, a film that inspired her
vegan journey. After seeing the film, she says, “I literally went vegan
overnight. I was sure to interview one of the producers from that film in
Season 1.”

“Even before this, I started to realize
that cow milk is not meant for human consumption. And I got a dose of that
reality with my first son. He suffered from chronic ear infections, high fever,
and febrile seizures up to the day I switched him to almond milk at age two.
Every doctor literally mocked me when I would ask them if it was the cow milk
that had been making him sick. I made the mother’s milk connection when I was
breastfeeding my sons. My milk is for my babies. So, why would I consume
another baby’s milk?”

With the second season of Plant-Based By Nafsika, Antypas hopes to
continue to spread the joys of a vegan lifestyle. She promises, “Stick around,
we get better and better with every season.”

One thing she heard from fans is that they
wish it was available in more countries. She hopes to accomplish that with an IndieGoGo
that empowers supporters to help fund the second season and also
be a part of it in various ways. With the campaign, Nafsika hopes to “bring the
show to more TV networks on an international level.”

You can support the campaign at different
levels. A diverse array of awards for people who donate to the campaign include
digital copies of the show, a personal safety app, an exclusive launch party
invite, and a phone-based consultation. The price point for donating starts as
low as $5, and the money goes directly to paying production costs.

The second season of Plant-Based By Nafsika will start again this summer. Nafsika
announced that it will “air every Wednesday at 7:30 am in all regions across
the US beginning July 26th for the duration of the summer.” If you miss it on TV,
individual segments (but not full episodes) are uploaded to Nafsika’s YouTube channel
and website a week after it has

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