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Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Guardian has released a podcast episode about veganism as part of its We Need To Talk About…series.

The series tackles issues chosen by Guardian supporters, who put questions to a panel of the media outlet’s journalists as well as industry experts.

According to the outlet: “This episode focuses on veganism’s evolution into a mainstream lifestyle choice. What does it mean to become a vegan and what impact could veganism have on climate change, animal welfare and personal wellbeing?”


The episode – which is presented by columnist Decca Aitkenhead – also looks at how people are disconnected from the food they eat.

Other topics include the alternative meat sector, veganism’s ‘adoption’ by big business and the relationship between a meat-based agricultural economy and climate change.

Contributors include food journalist Joanna Blythman, Guardian Environment Editor Damian Carrington, chef and author Meera Sodha, and Rosie Wardle, Programme Director of the Jeremy Coller Foundation.

You canlisten to the episode here

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