Campaigners Urge Justin Trudeau: Do Not Give In To Pressure From Animal Agriculture


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Canada’s Animal Protection Party has urged Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Minister of Health Jane Philpott, to base the new Canada Food Guide on scientific data – and not be swayed by pressure from the powerful meat and dairy lobbies.

Recent reports have suggested the new Canadian Food Guide will concentrate on plant-based foods like grains and vegetables, with lots less emphasis on dairy products.


This has led to fears the animal agriculture lobby may try to strong arm the Government into recommending animal products to consumers – irrespective of what the latest nutritional science says.

So the Animal Protection Party has urged politicians to base the guidelines on ‘high-quality, peer-reviewed systematic reviews’ and ‘reports from leading scientific organizations and governmental agencies’.

Animal agriculture

According to Animal Protection Party leader Liz White: “The animal agriculture industry is really feeling the pressure because consumers are making different food choices.

“By following the new food guide, Canadians will likely eat less meat and cheese and drink less milk so obviously they feel threatened by this change. 

“The question remains: will this government err on the side of Canadians’ health or buckle to the pressures of the industry?”

Conflict of interest

The Government’s own Revision process for Canada’s Food Guide guidelines say: “While the food and beverage industry has a role to play in improving the quality of the foods and beverages they manufacture and promote, we must ensure that the development of dietary guidance is free from conflict of interest.

“During the policy development of the new Canada’s Food Guide, we will not be meeting with representatives from the food and beverage industry. However, industry is welcome to participate in the open consultations.”

According to the Animal Party, buckling to pressure from the meat and dairy industry would completely compromise the engagement process.


Liz White says: “The Animal Protection Party advocates a vegan lifestyle, which is good for the animals, good for the environment and good for our health.

“We will be reaching out to the broader environmental and animal protection community to counter the pressure brought about by the meat and dairy lobby groups.”


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