Reading Time: < 1 minute THIS hired a top chef to use the plant-based meat to make delicious dishes - fooling diners
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A new television advert for plant-based meat shows real-life footage of top food critics who were unable to tell that they weren’t eating traditional chicken.

The ad, for U.K company THIS, is currently screening on major network Sky.

Tricking meat eaters

The footage comes from an event held by THIS last Summer for 25 food critics and influencers, who were asked to review a three-course meal, featuring THIS products.

Secret cameras revealed diners complimenting the food, with one describing the chicken as ‘delicious’ and another saying it was ‘beautiful’.

THIS co-founders Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman revealed that the food was all plant-based after the meal.

‘Most realistic plant-based meat in the world’

Shovel and Sharman told Plant Based News they believe they are producing the ‘most realistic plant-based meat in the world’ and that they’d spent a whole year breaking down the constituent parts found in chicken and bacon before rebuilding them from plants.

They added that the process had been ‘painstaking and expensive’ – but worth it to replicate meaty flavors and textures for the huge number of people who want to cut down on – or cut out – meat.

‘Secret camera dinner stunt’

Describing the event as a ‘secret camera dinner stunt’, the pair said it is the similarities of their product to meat that allows them to ‘do cool stuff that our competitors can’t’.

Posting about the advert on social media, they wrote: “Big moment – our first TV ad! It’s now live on Sky TV nationally, so pls don’t go to the loo in between old Top Gear segments.”

Maria Chiorando

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