Reading Time: 2 minutes The video is disturbing (Photo: Facebook/Paw Justice)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Police have tracked down children who ‘laughed’ as they filmed themselves brutally stoning a kitten to death in New Zealand.

Those responsible for the video, which was filmed in Southland, are aged between 11 and 16.

According to police, the youths, who are currently being interviewed, will be referred to the Invercargill Youth Services team for appropriate action.


Constable Chris Wakelin claims police staff were ‘sickened’ by the video.

He added: “We have also worked with the SPCA to remove three further kittens from the home of one of the offenders.”

The animals will be rehomed after being checked by an animal welfare charity.

‘Nothing I can do now’

According to NZ press, the mother of one of the children who was allegedly part of the filming was ‘disgusted’.

She added: “There’s nothing I can do about it now.

“We’ve had the cops, SPCA and animal management turn up.”

She said she hoped her child would learn a lesson as a result of the fallout from the video.


The youths were found after an animal group called Paw Justice posted the video on Facebook.

According to a spokesperson: “We made the very hard call to post an horrific video of a kitten being stoned to death. 

“We did that because we know sometimes the hardest truths are the only ones that get results.

“You cannot un-see what you have seen, and we cannot undo what has been done to that little kitten. 

“Animal abuse is an ugly, messy reality and we believe the fight must be made public. That is where YOU come in.

“And sometimes, the fight get results.”


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