Reading Time: < 1 minute Two of the dogs had their ears clipped prior to their death
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Three dogs –
who investigators believe were killed in illegal dog fights – have been found
deserted on a rural English roadside.

Found near
Cranford – between Milton Keynes and Bedford – the dogs had microchips which indicate they were imported, in what is
suspected to be illegal gang activity.


The dogs
were clearly mutilated prior to their death.

Two had
clipped ears, the third filed teeth – which prevents a ‘bait’ dog from
defending itself in fights with other dogs.

Director of
The League Against Cruel Sports Chris Luffingham said
: “Dogs involved in dog
fighting suffer terrible injuries, both in the fights themselves and at the
hands of their vicious owners.”


He added: “We’re
determined to expose and help prevent dog fighting in the UK and we are asking
for people to contact our Animal Crimewatch team with any information on this
dreadful incident.”

organization is offering a £5000 reward for information on the events which led
up to their deaths.


illegal dog fighting continues in the UK, despite being banned in 1835.

Luffingham said
The League Against Cruel Sports is ‘determined’ to end the cruel practice, once
and for all.

He added: “We
need to bring an end to the untold suffering dog fighting inflicts on man’s
best friend.”

Emily Court

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