Reading Time: < 1 minute Foie gras production causes immense suffering to animals (Photo: Animal Equality)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Supreme Court has denied the foie gras industry’s petition attacking the constitutionality of California‘s unique law banning the sale of the product.

This means that California’s 2004 foie gras ban will be upheld – despite nearly 15 years of the foie gras industry trying to fight it, first in the legislature and then in the courts.

According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the foie gras industry’s last appeal is now exhausted, meaning the state ban on the production and sale of the product is the undisputed law of the law.

‘Terrible suffering’

“Foie gras’ disappearance from California restaurant menus and purveyors’ shelves is likely to spare thousands of ducks from terrible suffering on foie gras production facilities,” the Animal Legal Defense Fund said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“Foie gras producers force-feed the birds until their livers swell to many times their normal size, inducing hepatic lipidosis, a painful and often fatal disease.”

‘Death knell for foie gras’

“The Animal Legal Defense Fund celebrates the death knell for the foie gras industry’s long crusade against California’s landmark law,” Animal Legal Defense Fund Executive Director, Stephen Wells, added.

“The suffering ducks endure to produce foie gras is intolerable and rightfully outlawed.”

The Animal Legal Defense Fund adds that it is ‘committed to ensuring the California law is followed, and to pursuing any restaurant or seller who would flout it’.

Maria Chiorando

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