Reading Time: 2 minutes Burke has apologized for wearing fur (Photo: Instagram)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Strictly Come Dancing star Alexandra Burke has taken to Twitter to apologize for wearing a fur coat.

The star was spotted wearing a Canada Goose coat with a coyote fur trim last week.

Burke took to Twitter to apologize for her faux-pas.

‘Animal lover’

She wrote: “I’ve just learned the sad truth of how a coat I wore recently was made.

“I am an animal lover, as most of you will know I have 4 dogs. I should have asked how it was manufactured and now I know, I will never wear it again.

“I am really sorry for any hurt or upset I have caused xx.”


Burke faced accusations of hypocrisy as she posed in an ad for animal rights charity PETA, as part of an anti-fur campaign in 2013.

At the time she said: “When I found out what happens to animals on fur farms my heart just sank.

“I have animals and the thought of someone hurting them so they can be turned into a coat makes me sick.

“Anyone thinking about buying or wearing fur should watch PETA’s videos of animals suffering on fur farms – after seeing them, I can’t imagine anyone would want to be caught dead in fur.”


There were mixed responses to Burke’s apology.

Twitter user MaisyMooCow? said: “The coat had the Canada Goose branding clearly on the sleeve. As a PETA campaigner she would have known it would take less than 30 seconds to click on their website where she would have clearly seen their statement that they only use real fur on their coats. She has no excuse.”

Hollie Arnold? added: “The only one you should apologize to is the animal who died in such a way.”

But some were more sympathetic.

Kim Gill(Was Horrey)? said: “As an animal rights campaigner, I admire you for this.

“It was a genuine mistake Alexandra. Thank you for this, because it’s helped to make others aware too. Respect.”


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