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Breakfast TV fans have blasted This Morning for a segment about eating squirrels today.

Ben Shephard has been hosting the often controversial breakfast show with Amanda Holden this week. While Holden is a veggie, Shephard tucked into ‘squirrel pate’, which had been made by a guest.


Dave and Rosie Barham, who have recently hit the headlines for their wildlife killing escapades, took to the show to defend their violent habits.

According to Rosie (Dave’s mother), her son is ‘proud’ when he can contribute to the family budget with gifts of dead wildlife.

“Sounds like my cat,” deadpanned Amanda Holden.


Elisa Allen, director of PETA UK, was also featured on the segment. 

While arguing against hunting animals, she said: “If a group of people were out shooting dogs and cats, even if they turned their flesh into pate, we wouldn’t call it a culinary adventure, we wouldn’t see this fun or sporting.

“We would call it animal cruelty.”


The twittersphere was abuzz with reactions to the story.

Tracey Sawyer-Corbin? said: “Don’t forget also, it was HUMANS that introduced the grey squirrel! We are to blame for everything!”

Blue Eyes added: “The squirrel killers were VERY rude to laugh at the vegetarian argument. She was polite enough to listen to their ‘reasons’.”


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